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CodeRED was originally designed to enable local government officials to record, send and track personalized messages to thousands of residents in minutes, CodeRED’s user base has grown to include institutions of higher education and utility companies; and it has added Lincoln County to its network.


 The CodeRED system is used to send critical communications, from evacuation notices to missing child alerts, from power outages to municipal water issues.  It offers High-Speed community notifications, automated severe weather alerts in order to protect our residents; And most of all… PRIVACY is guaranteed as your contact information remains private and will only be used for community notifications.


So Make Sure You Get the Call - Lincoln County is a licensed CodeRED user, and if you have a public, listed landline you may already be in the system. To ensure you receive notifications of emergency, events, outages, etc…, Click HERE and enter your contact information, including multiple phone numbers, text and email addresses.


For those of you who have smartphones, CodeRED is also available in the App Stores

The CodeRED Mobile Alert app provides advanced, real-time, location-specific alerts to subscribers within the reach of a given location generated by public safety officials across the United States and Canada who use the CodeRED community notification system to effectively alert and inform residents to save lives. The app provides localized alerts from these organizations using the location services function of iOS and Android smartphones; requiring subscribers to enable their GPS services so the app can deliver location-based multimedia alerts using push technology. 

Please note, only subscribers within the location of an alert issued by a public safety organization using the CodeRED community notification service will receive alerts through this application.

To Enroll for notifications - Click on the picture below

To get the CodeRED App for your smartphone, Click on the button below

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These interactive pages are the departments take on preparing and informing the public with yet another avenue of communication.  To have REAL TIME on events that could be going on, common safety practices in instances, and one central location for information in an emergency.

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