Flower Creek Dam

Early Warning System (EWS)

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Flower Creek Dam (HighLow Tone)

Lincoln County and the City of Libby would like to take this opportunity to inform the public, especially those along Flower Creek, of the Early Warning System (EWS) that has officially been installed. 

There is a new Siren is located at the water treatment plant (Beacon Hill); and the Siren at Asa Wood has been replaced as the same omni-directional siren that is on the hill.

The origional siren from Asa Wood will be added to Plummer Elementary/Head Start to have just another range of sound production.




The county has an Early Warning Radio System for:
  • Libby (which is served by 1 siren at Asa Wood, 1 siren at Water Treatment Plant & a 1 siren south of town at McGrade);
  • Troy (which is served by 1 siren is located in the area of the sewer lift station); and
  • Eureka (which is served by 1 located at the bus barn).
These sirens are used to warn the citizen that there is a potential weather or other disaster i.e. earth quake, fire, chemical spill, or anything that could be hazardous to the people’s health. 
There is a siren test on the First Monday of EVERY Month at 5:30pm in each community to relay important information such as road reports, weather forecasts, fire danger levels, flood dangers, burning restrictions or closures, or other local information can be heard 24 hours a day 7 days a week, etc..
In the event of an emergency, when a siren sounds, tune your radio to AM 530 (if you do not have clear reception of that channel; Libby’s KLCB 1230AM and/or KTNY 101.7FM is contracted to post emergency warnings) for instructions and information and proceed as instructed. A good quality AM radio with fresh batteries (power may not be available) is required
In addition to the local EWS system, Lincoln County is served by the Inland Northwest EAS system which broadcasts emergency alert information through local TV and Radio providers and would be activated as needed. Often times this alert is used for severe weather warnings for our areas. Once again, take necessary precautions and proceed as instructed

NOTE: These emergency broadcasts are NOT currently available to satellite subscribers – only Local broadcasting. To help you and your family be better prepared in case of emergencies, please click on the related links on the EMA main page or contact the Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency
There are also other ways of emergency notifications can take place within Lincoln County, if time allows for distribution, the following additional avenues of notification are used:

Stay Tuned for Evacuation Ideas and Public Meetings to discuss the EWS 

Check out the Weather Station and its Data that is provided by SUTRONWIN... 

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