Lincoln County Radio Test

1. What frequency should be used by emergency services to contact Law Enforcement (LE) or dispatch center if a repeater is needed?

2. What do we call the new preferred communications process

3. When should you use a repeater?

4. Who is responsible to make sure their members have completed and passed the radio test before using the radio?

5. What is the purpose of having a separate communication plan for each dispatch center?

6. What is the first thing you should do before transmitting on your radio?

7. Who is authorized to use Law Enforcement Frequency?

8. What is the rationale for the four step communication process?

9. True or False: The reason the Local Government Frequency and repeaters were established is to take the load off the Sheriff’s Office Frequency?

10. Why should all radio traffic be routed through one incident commander at the scene on one mutual aid frequency?

11. What is the common mutual aid frequency assigned to Libby Dispatch?

12. What is the common mutual aid frequency assigned to Troy Dispatch?

13. What is the common mutual aid frequency assigned to Eureka Dispatch?

14. What is needed before you can add a frequency that is not licensed by Lincoln County?

15. Who is in charge at the scene of all incidents?

16. What is the most negative effect of using codes during a multi-agency response?

17. Using the Incident Command System (ICS) during a multi-agency response, who will be the person to contact the dispatch center to request more equipment?

18. When a mobile unit calls another mobile unit on a repeater, what should the caller say to let the other unit know he is on the repeater?

19. Which of the following terms mean in clear text terminology for Affirmative & Emergency Traffic Only?

20. What are the two (2) Phonetic Alphabets that are used on the radio?

21. According to “Guide C” in the county radio plan, what frequency do you talk to the incident command?

You are using a mobile radio unit at Happy’s Inn. You are trying to contact a mobile unit in Eureka. What repeaters do you both use?

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