Lincoln County ICE JAM Watch

 Ice Jam - January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011

What Are Ice Jams?

Ice jams occur when warm temperatures and heavy rain cause snow to melt rapidly. Snow melt combined with heavy rains can cause frozen rivers to swell, which breaks the ice layer on top of the river. The ice layer often breaks into large chunks, which float downstream and often pile up near narrow passages other obstructions, such as bridges and dams.

What Causes an Ice Jam?

During thaws, runoff from snow melt increases the flow of water in rivers. This increased flow raises the water level, which pushes up on ice sheets covering the top of the river. If the ice sheets break apart, it moves downstream in a surge large ice chunks. In places of restricted water flow (such as shallow bends in a river, an intact ice sheet, or around bridges), the ice can pile up and an ice jam will form. The jam may then buildup great great enough to dam the river and cause flooding.


Where in Lincoln County do Ice Jam occur?

Most common and destructive one is along Flower Creek.  There have been some on Lake Creek and Iron Creek in Troy; and Graves Creek in Eureka.


Flower Creek  - No Threat

Lake Creek - No Threat

Iron Creek - No Threat

Graves Creek - No Threat


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